Vascular Disease Management: Coming in February

In February, Vascular Disease Management will share a clinical review on orbital atherectomy, discussion of a new technique for distal embolic protection, clinical images on fibromuscular dysplasia, an interview on the PEARL registry on mechanical thrombectomy, and a letter to the editor on collecting patient data in which Dr. George Adams and colleagues respond to a VDM blog post by Dr. Lawrence Garcia, “Collecting More Data for Vascular Patients.” See below for the full listing of articles scheduled for the February issue.

Editor’s Update
February 2014, Vol. 11, No. 2

Next Steps to Collecting More Data for Peripheral Vascular Patients: A Continued Discussion Regarding Rigorous Scientific Data
George Adams, MD, MHS, Jihad Mustapha, MD, Gary Ansel, MD, and William Gray, MD

Procedural Outcomes of Orbital Atherectomy Treatment of Peripheral Arterial Disease in an Outpatient Office-Based vs Hospital Setting
Guy Mayeda, MD, Geroge Pliagas, MD, Christopher LeSar, MD, William Julien, MD, David Lew, MD, Sandeep Bajaj, MD

A Technique for Enhanced Distal Embolic Protection in the Endovascular Treatment of Iliofemoral Thrombosis with the Trellis Device
Saadi A. Siddiqi, DO, Tokir Mujtaba, MD, Immad Sadiq, MD

Recurrent Myocardial Infarctions in a Young Female With Fibromuscular Dysplasia
Rajesh V. Swaminathan, MD

Results of the PEARL Registry on Mechanical Thrombectomy of Hemodialysis Fistulas and Grafts: An Interview With Eugene J. Simoni, MD
Eugene J. Simoni, MD 


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