Vascular Disease Management to Welcome New Clinical Editor Craig Walker, MD

Dr Walker Headshot_CroppedOn January 1, 2014, Craig Walker, MD, founder, president, and medical director of the Cardiovascular Institute of the South, will begin as the clinical editor of Vascular Disease
Management. Dr. Walker, board certified in internal medicine, cardiovascular disease, and interventional cardiology, established the Cardiovascular Institute of the South, a world-renowned practice with locations in 13 cities across south Louisiana and Alabama. Dr. Walker also co-founded one of the largest cardiovascular conferences in the nation, New Cardiovascular Horizons, to educate and train medical professionals on the latest techniques to treat coronary and peripheral vascular disease. He has served as primary investigator for several cardiovascular and peripheral devices. Dr. Walker is author and co-author of more than 60 medical publications and has delivered hundreds of presentations and lectures to both lay and medical audiences.

“Great strides are being made in diagnosing and treating vascular disease. More than ever
before it is important to disseminate information about vascular disease and evolving therapies,” says Dr. Walker. “I am pleased to serve as the new editor of Vascular Disease Management and I am convinced that a web-based peer-reviewed journal will have capabilities that purely print journals cannot match.”

See more at the related press release.


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