October Posts From the Vascular Disease Management “Vascular Access” Blog

Vascular Disease Management welcomes two new bloggers as contributors to Vascular Access: The VDM Clinician Blog. Luis Mariano Palena, MD, is an interventional radiologist at the interventional radiology unit of the Foot & Ankle Clinic of Policlinico Abano Terme, a private hospital in the north of Italy dedicated to the care of diabetic foot syndrome. Nassir Azimi, MD, FACC, FSCAI, is an interventional cardiologist at Sharp Grossmont Hospital in San Diego, California. See the posts from these physicians and other VDM bloggers below.

An Interventional Radiology Career to Save Limbs

Luis Mariano Palena, MD


Medical Contributions of Interventional Cardiology

Nassir Azimi, MD, FACC, FSCAI

New Insights in the Management of Carotid Stenosis Patients Undergoing Open-Heart Surgery

Frank J. Criado, MD, FACS, FSVM

Mo.Ma: How I Love Ya! How I Love Ya!

Sohail Khan, MD

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