VDM June: Focus on Renal Denervation

RochaSinghFigure1The June issue of VDM includes two articles that address the topic of renal denervation. The first is a clinical review by Dr. Krishna J. Rocha-Singh, a leader in interventional cardiology and medical director of the Prairie Research and Education Cooperative at Prairie Heart Institute, St. John’s Hospital, in Springfield, Illinois. In “Endovascular Therapy for Treatment of Resistant Hypertension: Emerging Controversies and Technical Evolution,” Dr. Rocha-Singh presents the current devices and data available on renal denervation for drug-resistant hypertension. He points out that despite encouraging data, new studies suggest higher nonresponder rates than were first reported.

In the video below from ReCor Medical, maker of the PARADISE renal denervation system, Dr. Rocha-Singh discusses his experience with renal denervation.

Also in the June issue, “Endovascular Therapy: A Game-Changing Treatment for Resistant Hypertension” is a commentary by Richard Heuser, MD, FACC, FACP, FESC, FSCAI, a member of the editorial board of Vascular Disease Management. Dr. Heuser is also heavily involved in research into the safety and efficacy of renal denervation. He wraps up his commentary with thoughts that look to the future of this therapy:

“At the time of this publication, five renal denervation catheter systems have received CE Mark approval. There are thought to be at least 60 medical companies involved in this new technology. Other new therapies, including less invasive and outpatient-based therapies may or may not be equally effective. We shall await further data.

“We continue to watch the evolution of this exciting therapy and the article and review by Rocha-Singh opens the doors to those who are perhaps not familiar with this technology to get a flavor of what may be one of the most exciting new therapies in the early part of the 21st century.”


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