News From EuroPCR 2013: Renal Denervation, Drug-Eluting Technology

The EuroPCR meeting, the annual meeting of the European Association for Percutaneous Cardiovascular Interventions, is under way in Paris through tomorrow. News has been coming fast and furious from device manufacturers and late breaking clinical trials sessions. One specific focus has been on drug-eluting balloons; for example, new data from the independent BELLO study support that in addition to a use for in-stent restenosis, drug-eluting balloons are a viable alternative for newly narrowed smaller coronary arteries for which no drug-eluting stent is currently indicated. New 1-year data from the study, which previously showed superiority for the IN.PACT Falcon drug-eluting balloon in small vessels compared to the Taxus drug-eluting stent on the angiographic primary endpoint at 6 months, continued to show positive clinical outcomes for the DEB that were statistically similar to the Taxus DES.

Two renal denervation systems, the Vessix (Boston Scientific) and the EnligHTN (St. Jude Medical) also showed positive results as presented in sessions. One-year study findings from the EnligHTN I trial include the following:

  • An average systolic blood pressure reduction of 27 mmHg points was reported
  • 80% of patients responded to the therapy defined as a blood pressure reduction of at least 10 mmHg when measured during an office visit
  • The longer-term safety profile for renal denervation was supported by showing no significant changes in kidney function

See this and much more news from the EuroPCR meeting below.


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