The 2013 SIR Meeting

The 2013 Society for Interventional Radiology (SIR) scientific meeting officially begins tomorrow in New Orleans with the theme “IR Reaching Out.” More than 5,000 healthcare providers and scientists will be attending this year’s meeting, which will include nearly 400

  •  scientific presentations and posters covering the latest trends in interventional radiology research. There will also be a

pproximately 150 technical exhibits and product demonstrations. 

Members of the peripheral vascular team will find useful information for practice at this meeting. For example, there will be data presented on a study of drug-coated stents that found that stents coated with anti-clotting drugs can open blocked leg arteries, relieve pain, and prevent amputation in patients with peripheral arterial disease. Data on a study about stenting for treatment access for dialysis patients will also be presented, as well as data on stenting in blocked bowel arteries.

News releases are starting to become available related to products and therapies being shown at the SIR meeting, such as Toshiba’s Spot Fluoroscopy technology, which allows clinicians to complete fluoroscopy procedures more quickly.

Stay tuned for more updates from the SIR meeting, and follow #SIR2013 for updates on Twitter.


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