Julius Garvey, MD, Promotes DVT Awareness

Garvey Vascular Specialists promotes vein treatment and DVT awareness among New Hyde Park, NY patients.

March is deep vein thrombosis awareness month, and a vascular practice is joining the effort to decrease instances of serious illness and death caused by DVT. Garvey Vascular Specialists, a vein treatment center in New Hyde Park, NY is promoting the need to inform the public of this life-threatening vascular ailment. Headed by Dr. Julius Garvey, MD, FACS, FRCS (C), Garvey Vascular Specialists is utilizing social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to disseminate educational information about DVT.

Dr. Garvey, son of the late Jamaican political leader Marcus Garvey, Jr., will also publish a video about deep vein thrombosis to empower people to fight back against this potentially lethal vein problem (view videos created by Garvey Vascular Specialists).

See the original news release from Garvey Vascular Specialists at “Garvey Vascular Specialists in New Hyde Park, NY Promotes DVT Awareness.”

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How have you enhanced the public’s awareness of deep-vein thrombosis this month? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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