Study Results on CCSVI in MS To Be Presented at Neurology Meeting

Study results on the benefit of CCSVI treatment in MS patients will be presented on March 20 at the American Academy of Neurology meeting. The results claim no benefit of CCSVI treatment for MS patients. Says principal investigator Adnan Siddiqui, MD: “This is not the last word on this endovascular treatment for MS … This is the first word because this was the first double-blinded, randomized sham-controlled trial on the subject.” Watch the video below to see the University of Buffalo researchers discussing the findings of the study.

For more on CCSVI treatment for MS patients, see “Venous intervention for treatment of CCSVI in multiple sclerosis.” Also see results from a VDM poll that asked readers about whether they considered CCSVI treatment for MS to be experimental and unproven.


3 thoughts on “Study Results on CCSVI in MS To Be Presented at Neurology Meeting

  1. Neurologists are against CCSVI reason being too many are making so much MONEY from all the useless MS drugs . Its easy money to make prescribing the drugs to make profits from. This is why they are against it so much. MS drugs are their lavish lifestyles . So easy to work out

  2. Lynne has some good points, I have had MS for over 28 years. I had the CCSVI procedure done last week (2/17/2015) & couldn’t be happier (except for having to pay out of pocket), I have balance now, can walk straight without assistance or my leg brace, my feet & knees are no longer like ice cubes, less numbness in fingertips just to name a few. I don’t understand why The Medical Field can’t come up with a data base that the Drs that are performing CCSVI put the info into the data program as to the results of the patients. THERE IS YOUR STUDY!!! I am pretty sure that ALL of us MSers JUST WANT THE CHANCE TO HAVE RELIEF OF OUR SYMPTOMS/DISABILITIES & ANY CHANGE FOR THE BETTER IS WORTH THE TRY. INSTEAD OF PUTTING OUT THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS A MONTH FOR MEDS, DO THE ULTRA SOUND & MRV ON EVERY MS PATIENT & IF THEY ARE A CANDIDATE DO THE CCSVI PROCEDURE. THERE ARE NO GUARANTEES BUT YOU DON’T KNOW UNTIL YOU TRY!!!

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