The Future of 14F EVAR: Poll Results

Last month’s reader poll on VDM asked, “What difference will the FDA approval of 14F EVAR make?” Response choices were, “It will be a game changer for EVAR,” “It will be regarded with great interest by cardiologists and other nonsurgical specialists,” “It is too soon to tell what, if any, difference it will make for EVAR,” and “None of the above.”

Of 40 respondents, most chose “None of the above.” The next most common response was that it would be regarded with interest. It shows that the majority of respondents support the view that low profile alone may not be a game changer for EVAR and that other factors may be more important.

14F EVAR Poll Results

Editor in chief of VDM, Frank J. Criado, MD, FACS, FSVM, weighed in on these results: “About a third of respondents felt – predictably – that such an ultra-low-profile EVAR stent graft will make a difference for them and their patients, and perhaps enable more frequent performance of the procedure using a percutaneous approach. And it will likely allow more specialists without a surgical background (i.e., cardiologists and radiologists) to get involved as solo operators in the field of aortic endovascular repair.”

How will this low-profile stent graft will affect your practice? Comment below to share your thoughts. And visit VDM to respond to our current poll question about the viability of drug-eluting balloons.


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