Dr. Oz Highlights Transradial Cardiac Catheterization

In a segment on the Dr. Oz show about breakthroughs in healthcare, “Dr. Oz’s Ultimate Insider’s Guide: The Newest Medical Breakthroughs,” Dr. Oz interviewed Jennifer Tremmel, MD, clinical director of women’s heart health at Stanford University, about transradial cardiac catheterization. Tremmel emphasized that the procedure reduces complications.

“At Stanford, in particular we’re looking at women’s heart health and how we can improve outcome for women, and bleeding is one of those things,” she said. She added that women are at higher risk for bleeding during femoral approaches in the cardiac cath lab.

The segment included some footage of a transradial procedure in progress, which came from Transradial University, a sister site of Vascular Disease Management. Transradial University provides video tutorials, articles, and interviews about transradial procedures. VDM also published an article in the September issue that addressed radial access for children. Read more at “Radial Access for PCI in Children with Obstructive Coronary Artery Disease.”

So, in light of the Dr. Oz segment, will patients soon be asking for “wrist cardiac catheterization?”


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